How Can I Scrap My Van in London?


If you have an old van taking up space in your garage, you might be looking to get rid of it. However, selling a vehicle that doesn’t run well or at all can be a time-consuming process.

Moving the van to a scrapyard requires special equipment and skill as well. Therefore, it’s best to call a scrap van service.

There are numerous benefits to this strategy, but you still might wonder, How do I scrap my van?” London residents should choose a service that covers all the bases and offers a fair price.

When Is the Right Time to Scrap Your Van?

If you think there’s still some life in your old van, then spending money on repairs is worth the trouble.

That said, you have to be objective. It is one thing to invest funds in restoring a vintage vehicle and an entirely different matter pouring money into the black hole that is your dilapidated van.

But what are the tell-tale signs that your van is ready for scrapping? The aforementioned endless repairs are a sure signal the van is not going to be returned to its previous condition. If the engine or transmission are failing, they’re red flags too.

If the van is covered in rust, it’s best to scrap it while it’s still worth something. Keep in mind that even if your van still starts, if you’re not confident you can take it for a long-distance drive, you should either sell or scrap it.

Essentially, a fuel-inefficient van that doesn’t go anywhere and is beyond repair is a perfect candidate for the scrapyard.

Where to Start?

When you decide this is the right solution, you might ask, “Where do I scrap my van?” London residents should search for a reliable, local scrap van buyer and check out their website.

There, you should be able to find everything you need. Ideally, all you have to do is enter the registration number of your vehicle and answer a few follow-up questions regarding mileage and the condition of the van.

Next, you should receive a no-obligation quote free of charge. If the price works for you, you can set up a collection appointment. An experienced scrap van company will happily adjust to your schedule and pick up the van on weekends and even while you’re at work.

Preparing for the Van Collection

Regardless of where you’re located in London, your scrap van buyer should be able to find you. However, to ensure a smooth pick up, you’ll need to prepare properly.

You need to provide proof of ownership, which requires having a logbook and a government-issued ID. Having the MOT history is helpful but not obligatory. You should also clean out the van and leave no personal belongings inside to speed up the process.

Only when you produce the correct paperwork and remove items from the van can the scrapping company start the removal process. Making sure they have access to the van is imperative, so leaving it on the side of the road or in the driveway is optimal.

What Happens Next?

When the van is collected, the van scrapping company pays the fee and takes it directly to a licensed scrapyard. How long the scrapping takes depends on the vehicle’s condition, whether the scrapyards are busy, and several other factors.

Once the van is entirely scrapped, the company is legally required to apply for the Certificate of Destruction issued by the DVLA.

They need to send you certificate so you can prove that you’ve destroyed your vehicle legally. Plus, you can use this document to apply for a road tax refund.

Scrapping Your Van in London Safely

Recycling your vehicle has many advantages for you and the environment. It’s often the best decision for an old, beaten-up van.

There are specific procedures both the owner and scrap van buyer must follow to complete the scrapping safely. When choosing a scrapping company, make sure to ask about the safety of their practices and how long you’ll need to wait for the Certificate of Destruction.

Remember that the best van scrapping companies can answer all your questions and offer no-obligation quotes.

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